Neeley Worldwide is a design studio creating meaningful impact
We create new value in the world through consultation in Speculative Design, Service Design, Design Research, and Strategy

We explore complexity, generate insight, and create new meaningful paths forward. We work at various scales from strategy, policy, services, and systems, to individual experiences and touch points. We work in various timeframes from solving for immediate needs and opportunities to speculating on possible futures.


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We work with governments, multinational corporations, not-for-profits, consultancies, agencies, startups, and other organizations to realize meaningful impact in the world. We only work with organizations who’s mission we believe in, or with groups that we believe could achieve a meaningful course correction through our work together. We currently work across Europe, the US, and China, and are always interested in exploring new markets and contexts for our work.

Building the future

We take on a variety of projects across various domains where we believe we can create meaningful impact. We have experience in a wide array of topic areas and emerging technologies, from AI, Robotics, Big Data, Synthetic Biology, and Future Mobility, to Climate Change, Mental Health, and Homelessness, with particular expertise in Healthcare & Wellbeing.


Future Speculative Mobility

We helped Moovel Labs (Mercedes-Benz AG) explore new mobility concepts, responding to emerging technologies and considering the implications of these possible futures.

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The world's first virtual hospital

We researched telemedicine efforts across the hospital system generating new insights on meaningful approaches leading to a new organization wide telemedicine strategy.

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We worked with homeless individuals, policy experts, and local councils to design and prototype services for early identification of need and prevention of homelessness.

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How can we help?

Service Design
We design services, systems, and interactions at larger scales, exploring multiple interactions overtime to create meaningful experiences.
Speculative Design
We design possible futures to understand the impact of emerging technologies and cultural & social shifts, and improve decision making today.
Design Research
We specialise in qualitative research methods to understand user behaviours and needs, and create a context for better decision making.
We teach Design Thinking, Service Design, and Speculative Design to teams and organizations on a bespoke basis. We also run open programs at The School of Critical Design.
We design plans, visions, and directions forward with an understanding of and sensitivity to the complex context that organizations are operating within.
We work with individual leaders and teams to support process and decision making, on both project work and implementation of organizational innovation approaches.

Design + Thinking

New Kind of Design
The world is facing significant challenges, of a type and complexity not previously known. We use New Kind of Design principles and practices to deal with computational irreducibility and avoid problems of traditional scope narrowing.
Futures + Closed Loop
We work with organizations to reframe thinking about current opportunities through explorations of possible futures. We use design to create new understanding of these futures, and help clients "close the loop" generating new perspectives and strategies on preferable paths forward, with action that can be taken today.
New Methods
We believe the first step to every design project is designing the process. We are flexible and exploratory in our approach, always looking to deploy a process and methods best suited for the problem context.
We work on a number of exploratory side projects and collaborations to keep our thinking fresh, push new conceptual boundaries for our thinking and work, and to build and test things that we think can make the world a more interesting and beautiful place.
Worldwide is a philosophical acknowledgment of the vastness of the universe, that everything is connected and nothing exists in isolation. We are interested in the acknowledgement of this complexity and exploration of this everything.
Meaningful Impact
In everything we do we look to create meaningful impact. We are open to the form this takes in different contexts, from new conversations, to enhanced visibility, to radical efficiencies, to deeper empathy, to divergent directions, to enhanced bottom lines, to next visions, etc, etc.
Create Meaningful Impact
Today we build the future. Let's discuss what this means for you and your organization, and how we can help you get there.
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